Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Does Barney Frank think I care?

I'm not writing about some relationship problem. This is just a quick example of what I was writing about in the last post.

Congressman Barney Frank has become a fairly prominent member of the House. Why? He's an articulate and entertaining interview who always seems ready to express his views. Being an admitted gay man doesn't hurt his recognition level either.

Some might view him as courageous. Others might see him as a grandstander. All I know about him is that he has a lousy media staff.

The other day I received a 15-page fax about Frank's travel expenses. It was in response to the various concerns about travel abuse among members of Congress. He wanted to show that he hadn't taken advantage of the travel rules as some of his colleagues have accused of doing.

That's fine, but I don't care. He doesn't represent anyone who reads any of our publications. In fact his district is 60 or 70 miles away.

Now either his ego is so large that he think every newspaper in Massachusetts needs this info, or he has a staffer who believes this is a potential story for every media outlet in the state. I would like to think it's the latter.

All I know is this was a time and paper wasting exercise. Thank goodness we recycle at our office.

If a single p.r. person reads any of this and questions how they perform their jobs, I'll sleep well at night.

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